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1881 : Establishment by Kintaro Hattori of K. Hattori & Co., Ltd., predecessor of today's Seiko Holdings Corporation.
1921 : Import and sales of optical frames started by the optical department of K. Hattori & Co., Ltd.,
1942 : Optical glass lenses launched under the brand name Vista
1964 : Nichibei Lens Center Co., Ltd., is established.
This company introduces the first full scale laboratory system in Japan and commences the polishing and manufacturing of glass lenses.
1973 : Frames under own brand Vista released
1975 : First domestically produced optical plastic lenses released
1980 : First domestically produced optical plastic progressive lenses released
1982 : Brand name for optical lenses changed from Vista to Seiko
1986 : ‘Senior 50’ lenses are launched. These are the first indoor progressive lenses in the world.
1989 : Launch of sales of “SEIKO Super MX,” the world’s first minus-power aspheric single vision lens. Optical frames under the SEIKO brand released.
1990 : P-1 G brand lenses, the worldfs first aspheric progressive lenses, released.
1996 : SEIKO OPTICAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD founded Operation transferred from Seiko Holdings Corporation.
1997 : SS P-1 brand lenses, the worldfs first back-surface progressive power lenses, released.
1998 : SSV AtoZ brand lenses, the world's first double-sided aspheric lenses ,released.
2000 : Launch of sales of “SEIKO Prestige,” a super refractive index (1.74) aspheric single vision lens. The ‘Seiko Comfortable Vision Lifestyle Cheering Squad’ is started.
2002 : Super Clean Coat (SCC), released.
2003 : SFCK brand lenses, progressive lenses for PC use, released
SSP-1 and SFCK series win good design awards in the design section for the year 2003 products. Furthermore, the Super P-1 series was also selected as a product for the universal design award, a special award.
2004 : PENTAX Corporation(Present Hoya Corporation) and optical lens sales business consolidated to sell lenses under the brand name PENTAX beginning January 1.
2005 : November 1: ‘Seiko Emblem’ lenses are launched. These are high-quality multi-focal glass lenses that employ a ‘Back-surface progressive + Back-surface Aspheric Design.’
2006 : March 1: ‘Seiko Super P-1 (Neo)’ lenses are launched. These are tailor-made progressive lenses. July 10: The‘Seiko Orgatech’ series is launched. These are resistant against heat, damage, dirt, shocks and ultraviolet light, with their use of the organic AR coating.
2007 : October 1: ‘Seiko Widetech’ lenses are launched. These are high-performance lenses that employ Seiko’s unique ‘Panoramic Asymmetric-Aspheric Design.’
2008 : June 2: ‘Seiko Synergy WD’ lenses are launched. These employ ‘Back-surface progressive + Back-surface Aspheric Design’ and have been designed to widen the field of vision; close-by and in the distance.
2009 : April 1: ‘Seiko Superior P1’ is launched. These are Seiko’s highest progressive lenses. These lenses employ our ‘Back-surface progressive + Back-surface Aspheric Design’ and ‘superior system.’ Wins the 2009 Good Design Award
December 1: The ‘Super-Resistant-Coat’ is released. This is enhanced-durability coating that strongly blocks damage and dust.
2010 : September 1: “Seiko Indoor LD’ lenses are launched. These are new near-mid range custom lenses for everyday indoor use.
September 1: ‘Seiko Pursuit CV’ lenses are launched. These are new custom progressive lenses.
November 18: ‘Seiko Pursuit EV’ lenses are launched. These are new-concept, comfortable custom lenses aimed at people in their 40s.
2011 : June 1: ‘Seiko A-Zone’ lenses are launched. These are Seiko’s highest single-focus lenses which use ‘Zone Design’ for the first time in the world.
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